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our photos of the
Great Water Main Break
on Cinco de Mayo, 2007
Click the picture to see
our photos from the
Irvine High School reunion
in August, 2005
Click the picture to see
Avner and Holly's wedding!

Click the picture to find out
about Blue Calico
     Here's our house.
Come visit...
back of the house, taken 8/10/99

Click the picture to see
our visit to Monterey in January 2002 (with a whale-watching trip)
      Click the picture to see
our February 2002 trip to Lake Tahoe, Half Moon Bay, and Santa Cruz.

Click the picture to see
our Capri 13 sailboat in action!
      Click the picture to see
our Summer 2001 trip to Colorado.

Click to see our November 2000 trip to Aruba      Click to see Luanne's family in Orlando      Click to see the strange things we've seen
See our trip to Aruba in November 2000
(This page has many pictures)
     See Luanne and her
family in Orlando.
     See some of the strange
things we've seen...

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Long Beach Rowing Association - webcams behind us

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