IHS Reunion - Class of 1985

IHS Reunion for the Class of 1985, with other classes invited, too.
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Image CIMG3084.jpg     Image CIMG3085.jpg
Susie Weston, Grace Chow, Heidi Joslyn Perez CIMG3085

Image CIMG3088.jpg
Ornah Levy and Debbi Dusenbury Curran

Image CIMG3089.jpg     Image CIMG3090.jpg
Laura Steele Monahan and Beth Sorg Ornah Levy and Laura Steele Monahan

Image CIMG3091.jpg     Image CIMG3092.jpg
CIMG3091 CIMG3092

Image CIMG3093.jpg     Image CIMG3094.jpg
Ornah Levy, Susie Weston Wren, Laura Steele Monahan CIMG3094

Image CIMG3095.jpg     Image CIMG3096.jpg
CIMG3095 Ornah Levy and Elaina Oden

Image CIMG3097.jpg     Image CIMG3098.jpg     Image CIMG3099.jpg
CIMG3097 CIMG3098 CIMG3099

Image CIMG3100.jpg     Image CIMG3110.jpg     Image PICT2126.jpg
CIMG3100 CIMG3110 PICT2126

Image PICT2127.jpg

Image CIMG3101.jpg     Image CIMG3102.jpg
CIMG3101 CIMG3102

Image CIMG3103.jpg     Image CIMG3104.jpg
CIMG3103 CIMG3104

Image CIMG3105.jpg     Image CIMG3106.jpg     Image CIMG3107.jpg
CIMG3105 CIMG3106 CIMG3107

Image CIMG3108.jpg     Image PICT2135.jpg
CIMG3108 PICT2135

Image PICT2128.jpg     Image pict2129a.jpg
PICT2128 pict2129a

Image PICT2130.jpg     Image PICT2131.jpg
PICT2130 PICT2131

Image PICT2132.jpg     Image PICT2134.jpg
PICT2132 PICT2134