England - Day Eleven (April 9th)

Today we went to the Burleigh factory for the first time --
It's the Middleport Pottery, located on the canal in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent.
We met with William and Rosemary Dorling, the couple who saved the pottery from certain extinction.

(You can click on each picture to see a larger version.)

Image P0011553.jpg     Image P0011554.jpg
Follow the A50 to see the rhino? (Look closely...) The region is home to quite a few famous potteries!

Image P0011556.jpg
We're almost there!

Image P0011557.jpg     Image P0011558.jpg
Window of the factory shop - Dutch flower jugs in several patterns are visible. The entrance from the parking lot -- much more friendly than your average U.S. factory!

Image P0011559.jpg     Image P0011560.jpg
P0011559.jpg P0011560.jpg

Image P0011561.jpg     Image P0011562.jpg
P0011561.jpg P0011562.jpg

Image P0011563.jpg     Image P0011564.jpg
William and Rosemary Dorling, in a bit of a shadow... William and Rosemary, much better with a flash!

Image P0011565.jpg     Image P0011566.jpg
Sue, the packing and production wiz. The watering can. We like the watering can...

Image P0011567.jpg     Image P0011568.jpg
Square storage containers in the Glost. Lots of pottery waiting in the Glost.

Image P0011569.jpg     Image P0011570.jpg
A clock, somewhere. Neat jugs in the conference room. Only the left-most is currently produced.

Image P0011571.jpg     Image P0011572.jpg
More of the watering can... watering can

Image P0011573.jpg     Image P0011574.jpg
watering can even more watering can

Image P0011575.jpg
The flower pot in front, assorted pieces behind.

Image P0011576.jpg     Image P0011577.jpg
Calibrated water jugs. The inside of the water jugs, showing the measure.

Image P0011578.jpg
Various Calico pieces, including the butter dish, the egg cups & tray, the tea box, and the Calico Cat saucer.

Image P0011579.jpg     Image P0011580.jpg
More Calico! An assortment of Calico jugs.

Image P0011581.jpg     Image P0011582.jpg
Serving platter, coffee cup & saucer, gravy boat, and sauce tureen. Gravy boat and saucer.

Image P0011583.jpg
Tea and biscuits in the conference room!