England - Day Twelve (April 10th)

Today we toured the Burleigh factory - Middleport Pottery. As you can see, we saw a lot and took many many pictures!

Our tremendous thanks go to William and Rosemary Dorling for taking so much time to give us an excellent tour of their wonderful pottery!
(You can click on each picture to see a larger version.)

Image P0011584.jpg     Image P0011585.jpg
P0011584.jpg P0011585.jpg

Image P0011586.jpg     Image P0011587.jpg
P0011586.jpg P0011587.jpg

Image P0011588.jpg     Image P0011589.jpg
P0011588.jpg P0011589.jpg

Image P0011590.jpg     Image P0011591.jpg
P0011590.jpg P0011591.jpg

Image P0011592.jpg     Image P0011593.jpg
P0011592.jpg P0011593.jpg

Image P0011594.jpg     Image P0011595.jpg
The side of the pottery facing the street. P0011595.jpg

Image P0011596.jpg
The factory gate!

Image P0011598.jpg     Image P0011600.jpg
P0011598.jpg P0011600.jpg

Image P0011601.jpg

Image P0011602.jpg     Image P0011603.jpg
P0011602.jpg P0011603.jpg

Image P0011604.jpg     Image P0011605.jpg
P0011604.jpg P0011605.jpg

Image P0011607.jpg

Image P0011608.jpg     Image P0011609.jpg
P0011608.jpg Carol at her desk in the front office

Image P0011610.jpg     Image P0011611.jpg
P0011610.jpg P0011611.jpg

Image P0011612.jpg     Image P0011613.jpg
P0011612.jpg P0011613.jpg

Image P0011614.jpg

Image P0011617.jpg     Image P0011618.jpg
P0011617.jpg P0011618.jpg

Image P0011619.jpg     Image P0011620.jpg
P0011619.jpg P0011620.jpg

Image P0011621.jpg     Image P0011622.jpg
P0011621.jpg P0011622.jpg

Image P0011623.jpg     Image P0011624.jpg
P0011623.jpg P0011624.jpg

Image P0011625.jpg     Image P0011626.jpg
P0011625.jpg P0011626.jpg

Image P0011627.jpg     Image P0011628.jpg
P0011627.jpg P0011628.jpg

Image P0011629.jpg     Image P0011630.jpg
P0011629.jpg P0011630.jpg

Image P0011631.jpg     Image P0011632.jpg
P0011631.jpg P0011632.jpg

Image P0011633.jpg     Image P0011634.jpg
P0011633.jpg P0011634.jpg

Image P0011635.jpg     Image P0011636.jpg
P0011635.jpg P0011636.jpg

Image P0011637.jpg     Image P0011638.jpg
P0011637.jpg P0011638.jpg

Image P0011639.jpg     Image P0011640.jpg
P0011639.jpg P0011640.jpg

Image P0011641.jpg     Image P0011642.jpg
P0011641.jpg P0011642.jpg

Image P0011643.jpg     Image P0011644.jpg
P0011643.jpg P0011644.jpg

Image P0011645.jpg     Image P0011646.jpg
P0011645.jpg P0011646.jpg

Image P0011647.jpg     Image P0011648.jpg
P0011647.jpg P0011648.jpg

Image P0011649.jpg     Image P0011650.jpg
P0011649.jpg P0011650.jpg

Image P0011651.jpg     Image P0011652.jpg
P0011651.jpg P0011652.jpg

Image P0011653.jpg     Image P0011654.jpg
P0011653.jpg P0011654.jpg

Image P0011655.jpg     Image P0011656.jpg
P0011655.jpg P0011656.jpg

Image P0011657.jpg     Image P0011658.jpg
P0011657.jpg P0011658.jpg

Image P0011659.jpg     Image P0011660.jpg
P0011659.jpg P0011660.jpg

Image P0011661.jpg     Image P0011662.jpg
P0011661.jpg P0011662.jpg

Image P0011663.jpg     Image P0011664.jpg
P0011663.jpg P0011664.jpg

Image P0011665.jpg     Image P0011666.jpg
P0011665.jpg P0011666.jpg

Image P0011667.jpg     Image P0011668.jpg
P0011667.jpg P0011668.jpg

Image P0011669.jpg     Image P0011670.jpg
P0011669.jpg P0011670.jpg

Image P0011671.jpg     Image P0011672.jpg
P0011671.jpg P0011672.jpg

Image P0011673.jpg     Image P0011674.jpg
P0011673.jpg P0011674.jpg

Image P0011675.jpg     Image P0011676.jpg
P0011675.jpg P0011676.jpg

Image P0011677.jpg     Image P0011678.jpg
P0011677.jpg P0011678.jpg

Image P0011679.jpg     Image P0011680.jpg
P0011679.jpg P0011680.jpg

Image P0011681.jpg     Image P0011682.jpg
P0011681.jpg P0011682.jpg

Image P0011683.jpg     Image P0011684.jpg
P0011683.jpg P0011684.jpg

Image P0011685.jpg     Image P0011686.jpg
P0011685.jpg P0011686.jpg

Image P0011687.jpg     Image P0011688.jpg
P0011687.jpg P0011688.jpg

Image P0011689.jpg     Image P0011690.jpg
P0011689.jpg P0011690.jpg

Image P0011691.jpg     Image P0011692.jpg
P0011691.jpg P0011692.jpg

Image P0011693.jpg     Image P0011694.jpg
P0011693.jpg P0011694.jpg

Image P0011695.jpg     Image P0011696.jpg
P0011695.jpg P0011696.jpg

Image P0011697.jpg     Image P0011698.jpg
P0011697.jpg P0011698.jpg

Image P0011699.jpg     Image P0011700.jpg
P0011699.jpg P0011700.jpg

Image P0011701.jpg     Image P0011702.jpg
P0011701.jpg P0011702.jpg

Image P0011703.jpg     Image P0011704.jpg
P0011703.jpg P0011704.jpg

Image P0011705.jpg     Image P0011706.jpg
P0011705.jpg P0011706.jpg

Image P0011707.jpg     Image P0011708.jpg
P0011707.jpg P0011708.jpg

Image P0011709.jpg     Image P0011710.jpg
P0011709.jpg P0011710.jpg

Image P0011711.jpg     Image P0011712.jpg
P0011711.jpg P0011712.jpg

Image P0011713.jpg     Image P0011714.jpg
P0011713.jpg P0011714.jpg

Image P0011715.jpg     Image P0011716.jpg
P0011715.jpg P0011716.jpg

Image P0011717.jpg     Image P0011718.jpg
P0011717.jpg P0011718.jpg

Image P0011719.jpg     Image P0011720.jpg
P0011719.jpg P0011720.jpg

Image P0011721.jpg     Image P0011722.jpg
P0011721.jpg P0011722.jpg

Image P0011723.jpg     Image P0011724.jpg
P0011723.jpg P0011724.jpg

Image P0011725.jpg     Image P0011726.jpg
P0011725.jpg P0011726.jpg

Image P0011727.jpg     Image P0011728.jpg
P0011727.jpg P0011728.jpg

Image P0011729.jpg     Image P0011730.jpg
P0011729.jpg P0011730.jpg

Image P0011731.jpg     Image P0011732.jpg
P0011731.jpg P0011732.jpg

Image P0011733.jpg     Image P0011734.jpg
P0011733.jpg P0011734.jpg

Image P0011735.jpg     Image P0011736.jpg
P0011735.jpg P0011736.jpg

Image P0011737.jpg     Image P0011738.jpg
P0011737.jpg P0011738.jpg

Image P0011739.jpg     Image P0011740.jpg
P0011739.jpg P0011740.jpg

Image P0011741.jpg     Image P0011742.jpg
P0011741.jpg P0011742.jpg

Image P0011743.jpg     Image P0011744.jpg
P0011743.jpg P0011744.jpg

Image P0011745.jpg     Image P0011746.jpg
P0011745.jpg P0011746.jpg

Image P0011747.jpg     Image P0011748.jpg
P0011747.jpg P0011748.jpg

Image P0011749.jpg     Image P0011750.jpg
P0011749.jpg P0011750.jpg

Image P0011751.jpg     Image P0011752.jpg
P0011751.jpg P0011752.jpg

Image P0011753.jpg     Image P0011754.jpg
P0011753.jpg P0011754.jpg

Image P0011755.jpg     Image P0011756.jpg
P0011755.jpg P0011756.jpg

Image P0011757.jpg     Image P0011758.jpg
P0011757.jpg P0011758.jpg

Image P0011759.jpg     Image P0011760.jpg
P0011759.jpg P0011760.jpg

Image P0011761.jpg     Image P0011762.jpg
P0011761.jpg P0011762.jpg

Image P0011763.jpg     Image P0011764.jpg
P0011763.jpg P0011764.jpg

Image P0011765.jpg     Image P0011766.jpg
P0011765.jpg P0011766.jpg

Image P0011767.jpg     Image P0011768.jpg
___ shows a deft hand touching up details in the Blue Asiatic Pheasants pattern P0011768.jpg

Image P0011769.jpg     Image P0011770.jpg
P0011769.jpg P0011770.jpg

Image P0011771.jpg     Image P0011772.jpg
P0011771.jpg P0011772.jpg

Image P0011773.jpg     Image P0011774.jpg
P0011773.jpg P0011774.jpg

Image P0011775.jpg     Image P0011776.jpg
P0011775.jpg P0011776.jpg

Image P0011777.jpg     Image P0011778.jpg
P0011777.jpg P0011778.jpg

Image P0011779.jpg     Image P0011780.jpg
P0011779.jpg P0011780.jpg

Image P0011781.jpg     Image P0011782.jpg
P0011781.jpg P0011782.jpg

Image P0011783.jpg     Image P0011784.jpg
P0011783.jpg P0011784.jpg

Image P0011785.jpg     Image P0011786.jpg
P0011785.jpg P0011786.jpg

Image P0011787.jpg     Image P0011788.jpg
P0011787.jpg P0011788.jpg

Image P0011789.jpg     Image P0011790.jpg
P0011789.jpg P0011790.jpg

Image P0011791.jpg     Image P0011792.jpg
P0011791.jpg P0011792.jpg

Image P0011793.jpg     Image P0011794.jpg
P0011793.jpg P0011794.jpg

Image P0011795.jpg     Image P0011796.jpg
P0011795.jpg P0011796.jpg

Image P0011797.jpg     Image P0011798.jpg
P0011797.jpg P0011798.jpg

Image P0011799.jpg     Image P0011800.jpg
Some of the clay used to make Burleigh pottery - it's from Newton Abbott, down south in Devon. P0011800.jpg

Image P0011801.jpg     Image P0011802.jpg
P0011801.jpg P0011802.jpg

Image P0011803.jpg     Image P0011804.jpg
P0011803.jpg P0011804.jpg

Image P0011805.jpg     Image P0011806.jpg
P0011805.jpg P0011806.jpg

Image P0011807.jpg     Image P0011808.jpg
P0011807.jpg The sole bottle oven left standing - there used to be three here, before the small building was here.

Image P0011809.jpg     Image P0011810.jpg
The opening to the bottle oven, which had been bricked-over after it was taken out of service. The seam where the next bottle oven used to be.

Image P0011811.jpg     Image P0011812.jpg
P0011811.jpg P0011812.jpg

Image P0011813.jpg     Image P0011814.jpg
P0011813.jpg P0011814.jpg

Image P0011815.jpg     Image P0011816.jpg
P0011815.jpg P0011816.jpg

Image P0011817.jpg     Image P0011818.jpg
P0011817.jpg Outside view of the mangle, used to dry pieces after being dipped in glaze.

Image P0011819.jpg     Image P0011820.jpg
The courtyard, with both the mangle and the remaining bottle oven in view. P0011820.jpg

Image P0011821.jpg     Image P0011822.jpg
P0011821.jpg P0011822.jpg

Image P0011823.jpg     Image P0011825.jpg
P0011823.jpg P0011825.jpg

Image P0011826.jpg     Image P0011827.jpg
The old steam engine, which was used to power all motorized machinery until XXXX year. P0011827.jpg

Image P0011828.jpg

Image P0011829.jpg     Image P0011830.jpg
This highly-technical device is used to formulate the slip (liquid clay) it's a balance, used to ensure that some volume of slip is the correct weight

Image P0011832.jpg     Image P0011833.jpg
P0011832.jpg P0011833.jpg

Image P0011834.jpg     Image P0011835.jpg
P0011834.jpg P0011835.jpg

Image P0011836.jpg     Image P0011837.jpg
P0011836.jpg P0011837.jpg

Image P0011838.jpg     Image P0011839.jpg
P0011838.jpg P0011839.jpg

Image P0011840.jpg     Image P0011841.jpg
P0011840.jpg P0011841.jpg

Image P0011842.jpg     Image P0011843.jpg
P0011842.jpg P0011843.jpg

Image P0011844.jpg     Image P0011845.jpg
P0011844.jpg P0011845.jpg

Image P0011846.jpg     Image P0011847.jpg
P0011846.jpg P0011847.jpg

Image P0011848.jpg     Image P0011849.jpg
P0011848.jpg P0011849.jpg

Image P0011850.jpg     Image P0011851.jpg
P0011850.jpg P0011851.jpg

Image P0011852.jpg     Image P0011853.jpg
P0011852.jpg P0011853.jpg

Image P0011854.jpg     Image P0011855.jpg
P0011854.jpg P0011855.jpg

Image P0011856.jpg     Image P0011857.jpg
A collection of handles waiting for teacups P0011857.jpg

Image P0011858.jpg     Image P0011859.jpg
The mould used to make cup handles. A Child's Mug with a handle that didn't work :-(

Image P0011860.jpg     Image P0011861.jpg
P0011860.jpg P0011861.jpg

Image P0011862.jpg     Image P0011863.jpg
P0011862.jpg P0011863.jpg

Image P0011864.jpg     Image P0011865.jpg
P0011864.jpg P0011865.jpg

Image P0011866.jpg     Image P0011867.jpg
P0011866.jpg P0011867.jpg

Image P0011868.jpg     Image P0011869.jpg
P0011868.jpg P0011869.jpg

Image P0011870.jpg     Image P0011871.jpg
P0011870.jpg P0011871.jpg

Image P0011872.jpg     Image P0011873.jpg
P0011872.jpg P0011873.jpg

Image P0011874.jpg     Image P0011875.jpg
P0011874.jpg P0011875.jpg

Image P0011876.jpg     Image P0011877.jpg
P0011876.jpg P0011877.jpg

Image P0011878.jpg

Image P0011879.jpg     Image P0011881.jpg
P0011879.jpg P0011881.jpg

Image P0011882.jpg     Image P0011883.jpg
P0011882.jpg P0011883.jpg

Image P0011884.jpg     Image P0011885.jpg
P0011884.jpg P0011885.jpg

Image P0011886.jpg     Image P0011887.jpg
P0011886.jpg P0011887.jpg

Image P0011888.jpg     Image P0011889.jpg
P0011888.jpg P0011889.jpg

Image P0011890.jpg     Image P0011891.jpg
P0011890.jpg The moulding room, with many jugs and pots waiting to dry in their moulds.

Image P0011892.jpg     Image P0011893.jpg
P0011892.jpg P0011893.jpg

Image P0011894.jpg     Image P0011895.jpg
P0011894.jpg P0011895.jpg

Image P0011896.jpg     Image P0011897.jpg
This mould is used to create the classic Burleigh teapot shape. P0011897.jpg

Image P0011898.jpg     Image P0011899.jpg
P0011898.jpg It says "30 / Swansea / T/Pot"

Image P0011900.jpg     Image P0011901.jpg
P0011900.jpg P0011901.jpg

Image P0011902.jpg     Image P0011903.jpg
Several sizes of platters. Looking inside a large teapot, the XXXX is clearly visible. (This makes for a much stronger spout.)

Image P0011904.jpg     Image P0011905.jpg
A demonstration of fettling, which smooths any rough edges left from the casting process. P0011905.jpg

Image P0011906.jpg     Image P0011907.jpg
P0011906.jpg Large Ewers and Dutch Flower Jugs

Image P0011908.jpg     Image P0011909.jpg
Quite a few of the Dutch Flower Jugs, with Large Ewers in the background. Lids for the Cube Teapot.

Image P0011910.jpg     Image P0011911.jpg
P0011910.jpg P0011911.jpg

Image P0011912.jpg     Image P0011913.jpg
P0011912.jpg P0011913.jpg

Image P0011914.jpg     Image P0011915.jpg
P0011914.jpg P0011915.jpg

Image P0011916.jpg     Image P0011917.jpg
P0011916.jpg This is the mould used to make a pair of Cake Servers.

Image P0011918.jpg     Image P0011919.jpg
This is the other half of the mould. P0011919.jpg

Image P0011920.jpg     Image P0011921.jpg
P0011920.jpg Mould for the ladles.

Image P0011922.jpg     Image P0011923.jpg
Mould for the Hot Water Jug. Other half of the ladle mould.

Image P0011924.jpg     Image P0011925.jpg
William displays one of the mouldmakers' jugs, which is impressively large! The mouldmakers' jugs, next to the small-looking Dutch Flower Jug (which holds 16 pints!)

Image P0011926.jpg     Image P0011927.jpg
P0011926.jpg P0011927.jpg

Image P0011928.jpg     Image P0011929.jpg
P0011928.jpg P0011929.jpg

Image P0011930.jpg     Image P0011931.jpg
P0011930.jpg P0011931.jpg

Image P0011932.jpg     Image P0011933.jpg
P0011932.jpg P0011933.jpg

Image P0011934.jpg     Image P0011935.jpg
The stairs down from the moulding room show signs of over a hundred years' use! P0011935.jpg

Image P0011936.jpg     Image P0011937.jpg
P0011936.jpg P0011937.jpg

Image P0011939.jpg

Image P0011940.jpg     Image P0011941.jpg
P0011940.jpg P0011941.jpg

Image P0011942.jpg     Image P0011943.jpg
P0011942.jpg P0011943.jpg

Image P0011944.jpg     Image P0011945.jpg
Bisque waiting to go into the kiln for the initial firing Looking into the red-hot kiln

Image P0011946.jpg     Image P0011947.jpg
The front of one of the kilns. See the train track leading up to it -- the carts roll on that, right into the oven. P0011947.jpg

Image P0011948.jpg     Image P0011949.jpg
More bisque for the kiln. An assortment of Calico and other patterns, just out of the kiln after the final firing.

Image P0011950.jpg     Image P0011951.jpg
P0011950.jpg P0011951.jpg

Image P0011952.jpg     Image P0011953.jpg
P0011952.jpg P0011953.jpg

Image P0011954.jpg     Image P0011955.jpg
One of the carts, rolled part-way into the kiln. P0011955.jpg

Image P0011956.jpg     Image P0011957.jpg
This curved wall is part of the old bottle kiln. Fired bisque, ready to go upstairs to have the print applied.

Image P0011958.jpg     Image P0011959.jpg
The backstamping machine, used to apply the backstamp to some items. The Murray Curvex, used to apply the pattern to some of the concave shapes.

Image P0011960.jpg     Image P0011961.jpg
The business part of the Curvex. This rubber piece picks up the pattern from the engraved plate below, then applies it to a piece of bisque - kind of like a big rubber stamp dipped in paint! P0011961.jpg

Image P0011962.jpg     Image P0011963.jpg
Various pieces done by the Curvex. The glaze dipping vat.

Image P0011964.jpg     Image P0011965.jpg
Looking up into the mangle - a sort of vertical drying rack that moves. More of the mangle.

Image P0011966.jpg     Image P0011968.jpg
More of the mangle. P0011968.jpg

Image P0011969.jpg     Image P0011970.jpg
The electric kilns, used for the intermediate firing of some pieces. Inside the electric kiln.